Stroma Certification & PEPA successfully lobby government on Air Conditioning Legislation

Stroma Certification and the Property Energy Professionals Association (PEPA) have successfully lobbied government following a consultation on proposed changes to UK air conditioning legislation.

The government proposed to remove the 12kW lower limit for Air Conditioning Inspection Reports (ACIRs) to a new lower limit of 70kW. This would have had several serious repercussions, including a large reduction in the number of possible ACIRs needed each year.

According to the consultation, 87% of respondents preferred to stick with the 12kW lower limit, citing various concerns; by removing smaller systems or packages from the scope then the opportunity to reduce energy use and carbon emissions associated with these systems would be greatly lessened, along with the various health and safety implications that would missed where inspections not to occur regularly.

There were compelling arguments to suggest that better compliance enforcement will generate huge benefits to ‘UK PLC’ rather than reducing the size of the assessment and inspection scope. The current number of inspections typically total approx. 12,000 per year, when the reality is that there should be around 12,000 per month. Whilst there is a cost implication to ensuring that more reports are done, the cost benefits are huge if reported recommendations resulting from these reports are acted upon.

The industry also pointed out that in addition to the report itself, there were further benefits and opportunities for clients by having an energy professional onsite in terms of the other advice and incites that can be delivered, especially in relation to how to operate the HVAC systems in situ more effectively, in line with occupancy use cases.

Stroma Director of Energy of Energy Certification, and Chairman of PEPA Andrew Parkin, was delighted with the outcome and thanked the government for listening to industry concerns.

He said: “I’m pleased the government have listened and have decided to diverge from the European directive on air conditioning lower report limits. We can now safely say that the government do listen, and we will have lots of opportunities to consult with them in the future. It has been a good day and a good week for our industry.”

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