SEA - What Next for Heat & Buildings Policy?

The Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) has published its latest report, 'What Next for Heat & Buildings Policy?', alongside an accompanying Press Release. The report measures the current UK policy landscape against the Government targets, outlining key policy gaps and making subsequent recommendations.

The SEA has welcomed the monumental shift in the UK Government's focus, with the 2050 Net Zero target firmly on the agenda. However, this latest report identifies the remaining gaps within the Government policy that need to be addressed to realise this vision.

There are four focus areas outlined within the report:

  • Address the Able to Pay Sector
  • Consumer and Supply Chain Knowledge & Skills
  • Technology Agnostic Approach and Innovation
  • Long-term, Joined-up Policy

The policy gaps noted have been identified by the SEA's membership organisations and key stakeholders, including retailers and manufacturers of energy-saving measures, installers, housing providers, and other organisations with expertise on energy in buildings.

View the SEA's report: What Next For Heat & Building Policy?

View the SEA's press release: SEA Advises the UK Government to Address Remaining Policy Gaps

The SEA is committed to collaborating with the Government and key industry stakeholders to develop the next phase of policy.