Scottish Government Domestic EPC Reform

This key consultation from the Scottish Government is part of a wider review of the EPC, similar to the EPC Action plan for England and Wales. It is essentially the first part of the reform of the EPC framework by proposing a change to the way information, already gathered as part of an EPC assessment, is displayed on the EPC. The proposed change to the EPC also includes the creation of a new metric - Energy Use Rating.

This is something that Stroma Certification has been calling for over the last few years, to make the EPC as useful as possible for future initiatives that will work to save energy and reduce carbon emissions, as we work towards meeting our climate change targets.

The other two consultations will come in the next 12 months and will review the recommendations and the regulations that will use the EPC in Scotland.

This is a highly important set of consultations and Stroma appeal to all our Scottish domestic EPC members to review and respond to this and the future consultations as they will have a direct impact on the role going forwards.

Unlike so many other consultations that have been published, this is only 7 questions, and this gives energy assessors plenty of opportunity for detailed and expert answers.

Please respond to this consultation using the Scottish Government’s consultation hub, Citizen Space, online at You can save and return to your responses while the consultation is still open. Please ensure that consultation responses are submitted before the closing date of 8 October 2021.