Final report published on future technologies for SAP 11

The SAP Industry Forum (SAPIF) has published its final report on the priorities of SAP 11 development. The attached report details at length, the new technologies and measures that are expected to be utilised in new build housing stock over the coming decade.

The report, which was published on 17th April 2020 has now been submitted to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It includes the five areas it considers to be integral to the development of SAP 11 regarding new technology and their application in the running of new build houses.

The five areas include:

  • Domestic Hot Water and Heating
  • Smart Technologies
  • Energy Storage
  • Overheating and Cooling
  • Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation.

“Stroma Certification welcomes this report from the SAPIF. Stroma OCDEA should take the time to read this document during the current downtime. It is encouraging to see that the government is discussing the future versions of SAP (SAP 11) with industry at such an early stage (SAP 10 is yet to be released).

I am excited to see new and future technologies are being considered and consulted on. The next stage is to get the release specification completed for SAP 10 (currently to be launched in April 2021) and ensure key technologies are accounted for either in the main methodology cannon or via Appendix Q and then look at how the methodology will need to change for all future technologies.”

Stroma’s Director of Energy Certification, Andrew Parkin

You can read the SAPIF report in full here.