RSAP+ Software gets PlanUp Integration Feature

Stroma Certification’s popular RSAP+ software, which is used by Domestic Energy Assessors across the UK now has a PlanUp integration feature.

PlanUp allows assessors to create quality floor plans for estate agents while simultaneously processing plans for RdSAP calculations. PlanUp has now been integrated to the iOS version of our RSAP+ platform enabling DEAs to create floor plans and complete EPC calculations on or off site.

How to sign up

The new RSAP+ version (3.0.37) for iPad will automatically install when launched (user may need to manually update depending on their device settings) and PlanUp integration will be available. Any user wanting to use PlanUp with RSAP+ will need to have PlanUp installed on the same iPad and have an account with PlanUp.

This will benefit existing PlanUp users and any member who wants to add this feature. This is delivered at no cost to our members; however, the member will need to be a PlanUp subscriber.

Please Note: This integration is not available on the Android and Windows version of PlanUp.

If you aren’t already a subscriber to the PlanUp service you can find out how to subscriber over at their website.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for Stroma Certification members, allowing integrated access to the leading electronic floor plan tool in the industry. PlanUp is used by thousands of floor plan technicians, allowing both Agent and EPC floor plans to be produced quickly, whilst onsite whilst reducing data input time and repetition of data entry.

Drawing a floorplan for your client will bring additional revenue from your site visit, will allow the creation of an accurate EPC plan and the associated data which will be transferred to your EPC data in RSAP+. This will mean greater accuracy and speed and will also result in a more simple audit process.

Having used PlanUp (previously TMA) when I was a DEA, this was a very useful tool which increased my revenue per visit and improved my site notes and EPC accuracy.” – Andrew Parkin, Director of Energy Certification.

Key Features of PlanUp

  • Creates floor plans and property descriptions
  • 3D plans for no extra charge
  • Great looking 2D plans
  • Photo plans for no extra charge
  • Full phone call support
  • Use on all machines in the office
  • No minimum contract.

Learn more about the key features of PlanUp here.

To find out more about PlanUp’s integration with RSAP+, contact our technical team on 0345 621 1111 ext 202 or email at