Stroma Certification Celebrates Reduction in Register Fees

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), has today confirmed that Central Register fees for both domestic and non-domestic (commercial) lodgements will be reduced from April 2021. Before Christmas, Stroma Certification joined MHCLG and our industry colleagues to debate a potential reduction in fees. We are delighted that, following these discussions and approval from Government, the reduction in register fees will come into effect this Spring.

Confirmation of the Reduced Fees

The amendment to the Central Register fees was debated in Parliament last week. Listen to the audio recording online via the Parliament website.

From 1 April 2021 the domestic register fee will reduce from £1.86 per lodgement to £1.64 per lodgement. There is a substantial reduction in the non-domestic (commercial) fee which becomes £1.89 instead of the existing fee of £9.84.

We fully support MHCLG in confirming these changes and it is a substantial boost to our members and the energy assessment industry as a whole.

A response from our Certification team

"I am delighted with this decision by the government. When they signalled their intent to bring the E&W and NI Central Register ‘in-house’, Stroma Certification questioned the difference in lodgement fees between Domestic and Non-Domestic and the level of fee in general. The fees hadn’t changed for a few years and were always linked to lodgement volumes. Stroma Certification wanted all lodgements to be considered in setting this price rather than being reviewed in isolation. This decision brings the fees much closer, the only difference is the slightly larger dataset and (in most cases) dual lodgement nature of Non-Domestic reports. This is another example that government is listening to the industry and considering the suggestions we make. I look forward to working with the government register team to continually improve the current register provision."

Andrew Parkin, Director of Energy Certification

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