PAS 2038 Consultation Response

In early October, BSI released a consultation on PAS 2038 (Retrofitting non-domestic buildings for improved energy efficiency. - This PAS specifies requirements for retrofitting non-domestic buildings for improved energy efficiency. It covers all buildings except those used as private dwellings (i.e. houses, bungalows, flats or apartments).

It follows a similar process to that of PAS 2035 which focuses on domestic building retrofit and is a ‘whole building’ standard.

This consultation is to seek commentary on the current draft of PAS 2038, written by BSI prior to it being finalised.

It is important that all potential stakeholders review and comment where they believe the PAS has omitted any key considerations or is not correct.

Stroma Certification Response

"Stroma Certification have completed a full review of the document and have produced a detailed response on sections of the PAS that affect Energy Assessors. A summary of these comments are:

The current draft of PAS 2038 has many aspects that will improve the process of retrofit for commercial buildings.

Current NCM methodologies should be included (SBEM, DSM and DEC), which if implemented will allow thousands of trained, competent and certified professions to be mobilised to produce assessments within the PAS."
Andrew Parkin, Director of Energy Certification

Read our draft response in full.

Submit your responses to the PAS 2038 Consultation

The closing date for commentary is October 26th, 2020 and can be done via this link.