New Version of PAS 2035/2030

The new version of PAS 2035/2030+A1 has been published and is now available for purchase on the British Standards Institute (BSI) website - Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency. Specification and guidance.

What is PAS 2035/2030 – Retrofitting dwellings?

PAS 2035/2030 on retrofitting dwellings is a key document in the retrofit standards framework, providing guidance on how to conduct effective energy retrofits of existing buildings. Sponsored by the UK Government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), these standards can be adopted by all those engaged in the management, design, and installation of energy efficiency measures in existing buildings.

PAS 2035

PAS 2035 covers a range of topics, including how to assess dwellings for retrofit, identify improvement options, design and specify Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) and monitor retrofit projects.

PAS 2030

PAS 2030 works in conjunction with PAS 2035, covering the installation, commissioning, and handover of retrofit projects. Any organisation that trades using the Trustmark Government endorsed Quality scheme must comply with PAS 2035.

Why use PAS 2035/2030 - Retrofitting dwellings?

PAS 2035/2030 identifies specific requirements for retrofit dwellings. These include:

  • Assessment of dwellings for retrofit,
  • Identification and evaluation of improvement options - Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs),
  • Design and specification of EEMs,
  • Monitoring and evaluation of retrofit projects,
  • Installation, commissioning, and handover.

Beyond this, PAS 2035 covers a comprehensive range of EEMs, intended to improve building fabric elements and airtightness and provide efficient heating and cooling systems. The document also identifies requirements for advising building occupants on improvements options, maintenance needs, as well as any relevant feedback.

The new version of PAS 2035/2030 is now available for purchase on the BSI website - Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency. Specification and guidance.

“The review was a relatively short review of some of the areas of concern post-launch of the standards in early 2020. It was not a full review of the whole standard, which will take place this year.

The review was made up of an initial read-through of the proposed changes brought to the table by BSI to seek opinions and feedback from the industry. A public consultation then followed this, where the industry could then comment on an initial draft. A further review of these comments and a final draft was then published in December, for those involved in the review to feedback further. Stroma Certification attended the various sessions that formed this review, over several months and represented the interests and views of Retrofit Assessors and Coordinators.

Stroma Certification is looking forward to taking part in a full review of the PAS 2035 standard later in 2022, along with being involved with the creation of a new standard for Retrofit Assessment, which also begins this year.” – Andrew Parkin, Managing Director at Stroma Certification