Labour's Green Economic Recovery

Last week we covered the publication of the Conservative Government's 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution. The second in this series will examine the counter strategy being pioneered by Keir Starmer, Ed Miliband and the rest of Labour's shadow cabinet.

Recover, Retrain, Rebuild

Labour's Green Economic Recovery plan recognises there is a climate emergency as well as a crisis in unemployment. Their strategy aims to solve both by investing in jobs and training to transform the UK into a net zero economy.

Ed Miliband has been scathing in his criticism that the Government's plan doesn't go far enough. He has also highlighted the election of US President Biden as impetus for the UK to match our Atlantic cousins in committing to reducing carbon emissions and meeting green energy targets.

Building on the Green New Deal

We spoke to Rebecca Long-Bailey in August about improving UK building stock and green standards. It was Ms Long-Bailey's speech at the last Labour Party Conference which launched the party's Green New Deal. Labour's relaunched strategy certainly feels like it builds on those commitments which aimed to radically decarbonise the economy by 2030. It planned for radical investment in heat pump technology, low carbon heating and energy storage.

What can we expect from green strategy?

Labour will certainly hold the Government to account, pushing for more investment in the green revolution. They're also seeking a coordinated approach at home and abroad, so a common strategy in the G20 is crucial. We can hope, therefore, that through the remainder of the current Government and whichever political party succeeds them thereafter, there ought to be significant progress towards a net zero future. As always, Stroma Certification will work with our members and industry partners to contribute and guide policymakers towards the most effective strategy.

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