Global BIM – which countries have adopted Building Information Modelling?

Building Information Modelling (or BIM) focuses on digital collaboration within the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. It sounds like a very futuristic notion, but is BIM the future? We think not, BIM is very much now. It is mandated on public sector contracts in England and Wales – it also has an increasing resonance globally. But which countries actually have regulations related to BIM?

In 2017, the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) produced a report: McAuley, B., Hore, A. and West R. (2017) BICP Global BIM Study – Lessons for Ireland’s BIM Programme Published by Construction IT Alliance (CitA) Limited, 2017. doi:10.21427/D7M049.

BIM Global Study

The report mainly focuses on evidence of regulated BIM within chosen countries. The findings in the regulations are summarised in the table below.

Global BIM Regulation Evolution

  • Austria - Likely to be in place 2018
  • Belgium - No regulation to-date
  • Brazil - Roadmap under review / consideration
  • Canada - No regulation to-date
  • Chile - BIM Mandated for 2020
  • China - BIM required through the 12th national Five-Year Plan
  • Czech Republic - No regulation to-date
  • Denmark - Mandatory requirement since 2007 (extended adoption in 2011)
  • Dubai - Mandated since 2013
  • Finland - Senate Properties 2007
  • Finish Transport Agency – Inframodel 3 (LandXML) (2014)
  • France - Mandated for 2017
  • Germany - Mandated for 2020
  • Hong Kong - Mandated in place since 2014
  • Ireland - Roadmap to Digital Transition for 2018 to 2021
  • Italy - Mandated for 2019
  • Netherlands - No Mandate
  • New Zealand - No regulation to-date
  • Norwa - Mandated since 2016
  • Portugal - No BIM requirement planned
  • Qatar - No regulation to-date
  • Scotland - Mandated for 2017
  • Singapore - Mandate in place since 2015
  • Spain - Mandated for 2018
  • Sweden - Mandated for Swedish Transportation Administration
  • Switzerland - No Regulation to-date
  • United Kingdom - Mandated since 2016
  • USA - Multiple Mandates through different states

Information reproduced from: McAuley, B., Hore, A. and West R. (2017) BICP Global BIM Study – Lessons for Ireland’s BIM Programme Published by Construction IT Alliance (CitA) Limited, 2017. doi:10.21427/D7M049

Analysing Global BIM

Although the UK is pushing to be a leader in BIM with its globally influential programme, the Scandinavian countries have had BIM regulations in place for almost decade. France, Germany and Spain have rapidly evolving programmes. China, Hong Kong and Singapore had their regulations in place before the UK, along with Dubai.

BIM Capability & Compliance

Each country has local requirements or thresholds with respect to BIM. UK based organisations and those overseas too are beginning to find that the adoption of the PAS 1192 suite of Standards is satisfactory to demonstrate their BIM capability to their Clients and Employers.

Stroma Certification’s role

We are committed to helping the AEC industry achieve compliance with PAS 1192 and other related BIM standards. Whether you are a company based in England and Wales or a global business we would be interested in speaking to you about BIM and BIM Certification.

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Niraj Mistry, BIM Lead Assessor