FSAP gets SketchUp Integration

We are delighted to announce that Stroma Certification’s popular FSAP software suite, used by half of the On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEA) across the UK now boasts a Trimble SketchUp integration feature.

SketchUp allows assessors to create detailed 3D models of sites from the 2D plan provided by a developer. The tool allows for varying levels of detail to be entered into the model, including areas, lengths and junction types, all of which can then be imported into FSAP, saving members time in the modelling process and improving accuracy.

How to sign up to Trimble SketchUp

Stroma Certification OCDEAs can sign up to use SketchUp using the following link.


The use case for SketchUp does vary from organisation to organisation, as there are many different ways to use SketchUp depending on what the user wants/needs from the system, so it is wise to make suitable enquiries with Trimble. However, in our experience, the ‘Pro’ package offers the necessary access to the package to allow OCDEAs to complete 3D plans.


There is a 30-day free ‘evaluation’ version which allows members time to try out the benefits of using the systems.

Benefits of SketchUp

  • Model 2D plans into 3D
  • Include junction lengths and types
  • Include areas per floor, walls etc.
  • Site and plot modelling are both possible
  • Import the above and more into FSAP automatically - reducing data entry errors and increasing productivity
  • Improved auditing process - we can use your model and understand where the values have been applied.

How to add the SketchUp importer to FSAP

To add Trimble SketchUp to your account today simply complete the below form and our team will add this to your profile. This will give you the ability to access the import option within FSAP.

Sign up is free and you only pay for the facility when you lodge an EPC where the SketchUp importer has been used.

Fees: £2 per EPC where the SketchUp file is imported.

“The continued development of FSAP has always been a focus for Stroma Certification. Bringing in features to integrate with a regularly used and adopted package like SketchUp is another example of Stroma Certification and the Software development team working together to provide options and improvements to our members.

This is an opportunity to members who already use Trimble SketchUp, to those who have considered it but have never adopted it, and to those who just want to improve productivity and data entry accuracy.” – Andrew Parkin, Stroma Director of Energy Certification

Technical Support Queries

Should you have any questions about the SketchUp integration, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

Tel: 0345 621 11 11 ext: 202

Email: certification@stroma.com