1st July – A Key Date for Retrofit

Thursday 1st July sees a major milestone in the UK’s whole house retrofit project. From this date, all Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) funded work will have to be carried out in line with the PAS 2305 Standard.

At present, we are in a transition period where installers working on Retrofit projects are not strictly bound to adhere to the PAS 2035 Standard. However, from 1st July installers will be required to comply with the standard. This means that all ECO3 projects must be led by a Retrofit Coordinator who is fully TrustMark registered.

In addition to this, all property assessments that form a wider retrofit project must be undertaken by a Retrofit Assessor who is trained and accredited with one of the UK’s PAS 2035 Retrofit Assessment schemes.

How can I get ready for the July 1st deadline?

Retrofit represents a fantastic opportunity for current Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) to upskill and access a new strand of work in an ever-busier retrofit marketplace. This is a great chance for assessors to be part of a ‘green revolution' as the UK heads towards its carbon net zero deadline of 2050.

To get ready for the July 1st Retrofit deadline, DEAs can train with Stroma Certification to become a qualified Retrofit Assessor. Our 2-day, TrustMark approved intensive course will upskill assessors to become fully qualified as a Retrofit Assessor. Following completion of their training, a Retrofit Assessor must then join an accredited scheme to practice in ECO3 to undertake whole house retrofit assessments.

"The 1st of July is a key date in our diary, but what does it mean within the industry? Many installer companies are now getting to grips with PAS 2035 and have trained or are training Coordinators and Assessors, or creating networks of these professionals and have also formed relationships with Designers for the measures they are installing under ECO.

In reality, this means that for the following schemes, PAS 2035 and 20330 (2019) must be used;

  • ECO 3 – July 1st for all new projects not yet in flight. ECO 4 will launch in April 2022 and will see an increase in funding to £1Bn per year and will use PAS 2035 as the retrofitting standard.
  • HUG Scheme – Launching later in 2021 with £150M funding through to March 2023
  • LADS 3 - Launching later in 2021 with £200M funding through to March 2023
  • See https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-the-sustainable-warmth-competition for details on the latter two points. We are expecting a consultation on ECO 4 either just before or just after Summer Parliament recess.

I still feel there is some way to go for the industry to truly work within the PAS and the next two months we are likely to see far more activity to get processes aligned with PAS 2035. Our DEA and Retrofit Assessor training remains popular and we are therefore offering and adding courses to our calendar, so if you need to train, please review the information below for more information.

There is also likely to be a lot of change and learning on the job happening. Naturally this will be a tough curve for many in the ECO industry and Stroma Certification is well placed to support members and stakeholders find their feet. Our flexible approach to Certification means we can work with you, whether you are using our software or a third party like ECO Surv, or your own in-house solutions, Stroma Certification is your truly independent Certification solution for Retrofit Schemes."

Where can I book my Retrofit Training?

If you’d like to book training to participate in the retrofit process you can join one of our ever-popular Retrofit Assessor training courses here. If you are interested in our Retrofit Assessor scheme, click here.