Stroma Certification End of Financial Year Review

After a positive year for Certification we take a brief look back at the performance of the division. We’ll look at market growth, the year-on-year change from 2018 to 2019 and the number of total lodgements received.

2019 Headlines

In total Stroma Certification saw 569,389 lodgements, which was an increase of 93k lodgements, a 20% increase over prior year and was our biggest year since 2016. Growth was mainly attributed to an increase of 90.5k lodgements from RdSAP. SAP saw a marginal increase in-line with the market.

The market itself grew in 2019 by 14%, with an increase of 209.5k lodgements.

Growth 2018-2019 Lodgement Blend YOY

2019 in details

Certification broadly exceeded our overall growth targets for 2019. Our biggest month by volume was October, where nearly 59,000 reports were lodged, and we showed 27% growth over prior year.

The year began with strong market RdSAP, and SAP growth, driven by MEES and new house completions and Stroma saw similar gains. However, we did lose ground for DEC and NDEA lodgements.

All report types saw a gradual slowdown in volume in the latter half of the year, and 2019 fell to prior year levels by year end. This appears to be as a result of Brexit and election uncertainty. If this is the case, then we should see a bump in early 2020.


Training in 2019 saw strong growth, driven by PAS 2035 in November and December, along with steady volumes of SAP and DEA courses. We saw the 18th Edition continue in early 2019 and conclude by October.

Stroma Certification will be focusing on creating better online CPD delivery for our energy assessor members.

Focus Areas for 2020

  • Improved CPD offering
  • Online Courses
  • PAS 2035 Schemes Launch and software/lodgement provision
  • Continuous Improvement in software
  • FSAP 10 Beta launch in February
  • FSAP 10 Software Development in second half of the year.

Download the Stroma Certification Financial Review 2019

Director of Energy Certification, Andrew Parkin