ACE Wizard Partnership Confirmed for ACEA

Stroma Certification is delighted to announce a partnership with software provider ACE Wizard, which will allow Stroma Members to perform Air Conditioning Inspection Reports (ACIRs) and lodge them on the Central Register. Members will also receive numerous benefits, including reports that will assist your clients to make the best decisions when evaluating their HVAC assets.

Having facility air conditioning systems inspected is a legal requirement. But does the standard TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment provide the best value?

ACE Wizard felt the standard TM44 report did not sufficiently represent the information captured and its impact on the organisation that commissioned the assessment.

Organisations were getting a ‘compliance only’ service without detailing the energy or potential savings. This detailed information would enable energy managers to impact energy efficiency at a corporate level within their organisations.

Stroma sees this as a huge step forward for the Air Con industry and believes that quality software such as ACE Wizard will drive standards and lead to a better experience for the end client.

Ace Wizard software has the following benefits:

  • A growing database of AC systems that can be searched for and will auto-populate
  • Sizing, GWPs, SFPs, EERs & Site/System capacities are some of the calculations completed by the software, so you don’t have to
  • Library of Inspection Fields with drop-down options cuts down repetition
  • Library of recommendations, as well as user, created recommendations for speed and consistency of data entry
  • Reusing report data to produce the core parts of an executive summary
  • A built-in spell checker
  • Templates and copy tools to reuse common data across different assessments
  • A more detailed report in addition to the lodged certificate
  • It provides an asset register that the end-user can have access to and update when necessary
  • It has the ability to store photos and includes them within the report
  • Reports branded as the assessment firm
  • Your client can have a read-only log in so they can access their own certificates at their ease. This is also fully GDPR compliant, so they are only able to see certificates for their buildings
  • Ongoing development road map.

How much does it cost to use ACE Wizard?

ACE Wizard costs £30 per month to subscribe. This includes training and regular webinars and comms, which can be used as CPD. As well as 3 supported ACE Reports each month.

Each ACE Report is then £12 per certificate thereafter. This will last at least 12 months for anyone that signs up and lodges their first report before June 30th.

In order to use ACE Wizard, members will need to set up an account, which can be arranged by contacting ACE Wizard directly:

If you would like to add ACIRs to your account, contact us on 0345 621 1111 EXT 201 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

New ACEA Training courses, coming soon

Stroma Certification will be providing a brand-new programme of Air Conditioning Energy Assessment (ACEA) Level 3 and 4 training courses in the coming weeks. More details will be announced soon.

Stroma Certification’s ACEA Scheme now taking members

Stroma Certification is pleased to announce that we are once again taking membership applications for our Air Conditioning Energy Assessment certification scheme. New members can take advantage of:

  • A government-approved scheme
  • Our technical support and regular auditing
  • Our competitive lodgement fees
  • Access to the new Ace Wizard lodgement software.

Our ACEA Membership Fees

£0 Annual Certification

£15 ACEA Lodgement Fee**

All quoted prices exclude VAT. Your total lodgement fee will be the fee per lodgement.

** Additional fees will be chargeable for the use of the Ace Wizard software as per above.

To join our certification scheme today or to add Ace Wizard to your current Stroma Membership, please apply here

Stroma Certification successfully lobby government on Air Conditioning Legislation

The government’s decision not to remove lower limits for Air Conditioning Inspection Reports last year, after pressure from industry bodies such as Stroma Certification, will help increase the uptake in the new Ace Wizard software and greater compliance for ACIRs.

The government proposed to remove the 12kW lower limit for Air Conditioning Inspection Reports to a new lower limit of 70kW. This would have had several serious repercussions, including a large reduction in the number of possible ACIRs needed each year.

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