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Stroma Certification aims to provide high-quality services to scheme members and their customers. Our integrated Complaints and Appeals Policy ensures all complaints received are addressed correctly and efficiently, following a clear and unbiased process in order to resolve a dispute.

Please find below some of our frequently asked questions regarding consumer complaints:

What kind of complaints does Stroma Certification investigate?

Stroma Certification can investigate complaints against scheme members, Stroma Certification and other general complaints. For example, if work carried out by a scheme member is non-compliant with relevant regulations, or if you feel you have been treated badly or received poor service by a member of staff at Stroma Certification (including contractors).

How do I make a complaint about a Stroma Certified organisation or scheme member?

An official complaint can be made by email, online, phone, or by post. Please use one of the following methods to register a complaint with our complaints department:

Once we receive a complaint, we will confirm receipt and ensure it is processed in accordance with the Complaints and Appeals Policy.

Who can I contact during a complaint investigation?

If you need to contact Stroma Certification during a complaint investigation, or need to provide additional evidence to support your complaint, please contact us by emailing

What is your complaints procedure?

In the first instance, if your complaint concerns one of our scheme members, you should first contact them directly. Under the rules of their certification, all scheme members must try to successfully resolve a complaint before it is escalated to Stroma Certification.

In circumstances where a complaint cannot be dealt with or resolved by the scheme member, or if your complaint is of another nature, please submit your complaint to the complaints department (see how to make a complaint).

  1. Complaint logged with the customer service team, including notes taken during a verbal complaint notification or from a submitted written complaint.
  2. Complaint allocated to the relevant departmental manager to review, validate and investigate.
  3. An initial response/acknowledgement of the complaint within a 3 working day period, with a further 15 working days confirmed before further feedback will be issued to allow for additional time to review.
  4. If the departmental manager cannot resolve the complaint to the satisfaction of the complainant within 15 working days, a further update will be issued.
  5. If the complaint investigation cannot be resolved to the complainant's satisfaction, it will be referred to the Technical Director or appropriate deputy manager for review. A written response will be issued within 21 working days, once a further review has been undertaken.
  6. If a resolution cannot be met, a complaint will be passed onto the relevant arbitration body overseeing the complaints process.

View the full complaints procedure.

Do you carry out on-site investigations?

If we feel it's necessary and appropriate to the complaint, we may send a Stroma Technical Assessor to assess the installation work. We may also wish to invite the scheme member to attend to assist with the investigation process. Please be aware, if you do not wish for the scheme member to return, the complaints procedure may be delayed.

What does an on-site investigation involve?

An on-site investigation will gather evidence relating to your complaint in order to issue a findings report. This may consist of an assessment to establish whether the work carried out is in compliance with the scheme requirements and relevant regulations. It is important to mention that an on-site investigation does not consist of a safety check and will not rectify any equipment.

What happens following an on-site investigation?

If an investigation concludes the fault is with the scheme member, it is the responsibility of that member to satisfy your complaint and to carry out remedial works at no additional expense to you. This is dependent on whether or not this was included in the original contract of work. Any remedial works carried out by a scheme member may require a re-inspection to ensure works carried out are complaint and competent.

If a scheme member does not satisfy your complaint, they may be at risk of being removed from our certification scheme.

Does the same scheme member have to carry out remedial works?

Stroma Certification is only required to ensure scheme members carry out compliant installation work. Unfortunately, we are unable to intervene if a customer does not wish to use the same scheme member to carry out remedial works. We will however ensure any matters relating to the competence or compliance of their work is investigated through our complaints procedure.

Furthermore, if you formally accept compensation from a scheme member, we will consider the complaint as resolved.

Will Stroma Certification offer compensation?

Unfortunately, complaints relating to compensation or financial matters are outside the complaint remit of Stroma Certification. If you feel you are owed money by a scheme member, we recommend you seek legal advice as you may wish to make a claim through the small claims court for a reimbursement. However, please contact us if you have additional concerns regarding a scheme member.

How do I submit customer feedback?

If you would like to submit customer feedback, please email

Where can I find more information about your complaints procedure?

View details of the Stroma Certification complaints process.

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