SAP Refresher CPD

SAP CPD Refresher Content

Develop and refresh your knowledge on our SAP Refresher course - helping you to create precise and accurate SAP assessments and EPCs.

Subjects covered include: Thermal Bridging, Identifying Junctions, what is a Psi-Value, Assigning Correct Psi-Values, Supporting Evidence for Psi-Values, Average Storey Height, U-Value Conventions, 0.72 Rule, Calculating Thermal Mass, Calculating Kappa Values and how to include them in the FSAP Software

Course: SAP Refresher Course
Duration: 1 Day
Price: £149 Members, £199 Members

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Extensions CPD Content

Understand how to deal with extensions in accordance with Building Regulations requirements.

Subjects covered include: when an assessment is required, glazed area, notional and proposed dwellings, U values to use or calculate, building control requirement and documentation.

Course: Extensions
Duration: 1/2 Day
Price:: £85 for members, £100 for non-members

Room in Roof Content

Determining the average ceiling height is explained with focus on the volume calculation required by the SAP methodology. This entry in SAP, vital for accurate assessments receives many questions from assessors to our technical support team. This course will answer those questions and guide you through simple to more complex common types encountered and is worth 4 hours CPD.

Course: Room in Roof
Duration: 1/2 Day
Price: £85 for members, £100 for non-members