DesignBuilder CPD

Course Content

Course: DesignBuilder
Duration: 1/2 Day
Price:: £49.99

This half-day workshop will introduce you to the most important aspects of the software and will qualify you for 5 hours of CPD from Stroma. You don’t need any prior experience of DesignBuilder – simply install the latest version of the software prior to attending.

After a quick tour of the software you will quickly and easily create a relatively complex building model in minutes, which could take hours or days in other modelling packages. You will:

  • Create some relatively complex model geometry, enabling you to experience how easily this is done in DesignBuilder
  • Review DesignBuilder’s data input and management mechanisms, seeing how these reduce the time spent creating your model to the absolute minimum
  • See how quickly and accurately you can QA-check your model before producing your EPC or Part L documentation
  • Learn how to change the analysis mode from SBEM to dynamic simulation, then use the same model geometry created earlier to run heating and cooling design calculations, run dynamic simulations, produce summer overheating calculation results, and produce BREEAM output documents for daylighting.

There will also be a 1-hour Audit presentation and Q & A session with the Non-Domestic Scheme Manager.

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