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What is Thermography?

Thermographic surveys (also know as thermography surveys) can help to determine the thermal performance of a building. It creates for the client a collection of photographs (taken on a thermal imaging camera) which show the temperature of a building or object. Stroma Built Environment delivers Thermographic Surveys to identify heat loss in order to improve energy efficiency and increase thermal comfort.

Using thermal imaging cameras, our highly skilled and qualified Thermographers can detect infrared radiation and therefore identify increases or decreases in temperature. Stroma has been working with contractors and other clients to ensure their buildings and projects do not suffer from excessive cold bridging, air leakage or breaks in insulation.

Thermal Imaging Survey
Thermographic Survey

Why choose Stroma Built Environment?

As experts in energy efficient buildings, our Thermographic Surveys can help to minimise heat loss. Our Thermographers are experienced in providing recommendations for energy efficiency improvements to reduce running costs and carbon emissions.

All our Thermographic Surveys are carried out in line with recognised standards such as:

Thermographic Inspection
BS EN 13187:1999: Thermal performance of buildings – qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – infra-red method
Thermographic Inspection
BRE Report 176 – A Practical Guide to Infra-Red Thermography for Building Surveys

Using thermal imaging cameras, we can identify structural flaws, material weaknesses or installation errors in buildings. Our non-invasive surveys ensure we minimise disruption to your construction project. We have undertaken Thermographic Surveys for both residential and commercial developments. Our Thermographers have worked with a wide-range of clients to help identify causes of heat fluctuations. We have assisted in helping clients to improve energy efficiency through our surveys.

Benefits of Thermographic Survey or Thermographic Inspection

Thermographic Surveys can help to identify:

  • Heat loss in order to improve energy efficiency
  • Water leaks or moisture ingress
  • Faults with wiring and other electrical components
  • Faults in mechanical components, including overheating
  • Masonry gaps or water ingress in roofing
  • Overall performance and leaks in under floor heating pipes
  • Success of energy efficiency improvements

Thermal Bridging and Thermography

Stroma Built Environment’s Thermographic Survey can help to identify thermal bridging; a well-known cause of instability in internal temperatures. For Part L compliance, our Thermographers are experienced in recognising and addressing causes of thermal bridging. We can help to stabilise internal temperatures to reduce a building’s energy consumption and ensure compliance with Building Regulations.

Reasons to have a Building Survey

  • Reduce heating costs / energy usage
  • Increase thermal comfort
  • Uncover / diagnose issues that haven’t manifested themselves physically yet (i.e. identify potential condensation / moisture risk)
  • Conflict resolution - Can be used as evidence against poor workmanship

Civil Thermography

Benefits of Civil Thermography

  • Non-intrusive: Non-contact method of investigation to eliminate the need to physically / destructively investigate behind a finished structure
  • Cost-effective / time-saving – can investigate a large area / multiple issues in a relatively short space of time

Output of information

The results of the thermal survey will be displayed in a full colour report, including thermal images, description and location of anomalies, and where possible, recommended remedial actions. The report can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

The Team

Stroma Built Environment has an expert thermography team who can carry out civil thermographic surveys. Our Thermographers are PCN certified with excellent experience of the most complex buildings.

After the survey

Our Thermographers are contactable to discuss the findings of the investigation.


Thermography Case Studies

Request a Thermography quote

Contact our friendly Thermography team to request a quote for Thermographic Surveys. You can also select to receive information on our complementary testing and assessment services to allow Stroma Built Environment to provide compliance support throughout your project.

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