Stroma Tech is now Stroma Built Environment

Stroma Tech is now Stroma Built Environment, alongside HRS Services and BBS Environmental. HRS Services’ Inspection & Maintenance services have now also become Stroma Specialist Access.

Stroma Tech was based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. They formerly provided environmental sustainability services to the construction industry.

In February 2019, the Stroma Group launched Stroma Built Environment which was formed from Stroma Tech as well as HRS Services and BBS Environmental which were acquired by the Stroma Group in 2017 and 2016 respectively. Subsequently, Stroma Tech underwent an integration process with HRS Services and BBS Environmental to create a sole environmental consultancy and testing provider throughout the RIBA Plan of Work. The same process also created Stroma Specialist Access from HRS Services’ inspection and maintenance team.

The History of Stroma Tech

Stroma Tech, formerly Stroma Technology, was formed in 2002 and has grown to become one of the UK’s leading multi-disciplinary organisations in building environmental sustainability testing and consultancy services.

Their environmental sustainability business combined technical expertise and years of practical experience to build a strong reputation within the industry. Their hallmark was a client-focussed approach, providing clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Services span the entire project lifecycle, from initial concept design through to completion and operation. Our core service departments span Environmental Services, Air and Acoustics, Energy Consultancy and Health and Safety.

Previous Managing Director of Stroma Certification, Steve Horrocks, now heads the Stroma Built Environment division, supporting the Stroma Built Environment offices in Wakefield, Sheffield and Lamberhurst. He works closely with the senior management team across the UK, including the Director of Air and Acoustic, Ian Wallbank, and Andy Mitchell, who is the Director of Energy Services.

Strong client relationships

A large portion of Stroma Tech’s work came from repeat business. This was due to the excellent relations built with their clients and the high level of service Stroma Tech provided. Here are a few examples of good feedback they received following completed project work:

“We know that Stroma Tech is a reliable and professional partner that we can rely upon to provide a timely, efficient and high-quality services with minimal disruption to our site operations. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to others.”
MA Black, Bovis Homes

“Delivery of the highest quality and timely services is crucial to our clients. The Stroma Tech team has ensured that these requirements are consistently met in the provision of commercial EPCs, form quotation and inspection through to final lodgement. A helpful and efficient staff means that I can rest assured that the requirements of my clients are always met.”
Gregory Dix, Associate Director, Savills (L&P) Ltd

“We were provided with excellent advice at our pre-air test and the engineer who carried out the air test had an excellent attitude and a very professional manner. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Stroma Tech’s services to all of my contacts who require air testing services.”
Richard Caffrey, Site Manager, Wildgoose Construction Ltd

The future as Stroma Built Environment and Stroma Specialist Access

Stroma Tech continues to this day as Stroma Built Environment. Combined with the experience and expertise of HRS Services and BBS Environmental, you can expect an improved level of service, with more capability and broader range of services available across the UK. You can request a quote from our Stroma Built Environment teams by completing our online form.

Alternatively, visit our Stroma Group website to access all of our other divisions.