Topographical Land Surveys

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Stroma Built Environment carries out Topographical Land Surveys to offer clients a detailed digital representation of your site. Working at planning stage we offer accurate CAD outputs to support your design plans.

Improve Site Planning

Topographical Land Surveys will track the site boundaries and show the levels or gradients of the land. It also demonstrates existing buildings and their foundations (if applicable) as well as the following details:

  • Service Covers
  • Street Furniture
  • Road Markings
  • Car Parking
  • Drainage Features
  • Surrounding Buildings (Ridge and Eave heights)
  • Trees and other Vegetation
  • Water Channels (Lakes, Ponds and Streams)

Your Topographical Survey will include spatial information about all the natural or man-made features relating to your site.

Topographical Survey Topographical Survey

Our clients gain more intelligence about the layout of their land and its condition. Using our data, informed decisions can be made about the potential impact of any construction activity.

Accurately Model with the Latest Technology

Laser scanning and GPS marking to construct accurate details

Stroma has invested in the very best technology to efficiently and accurately model your site - saving you money. Using laser scanning and GPS marking to construct accurate details. We promise professionalism and reliability to deliver a quality Topographical Land Survey on time and to meet the brief.

Land surveys bespoke to each client

Our land surveys are bespoke to each client, whether you need 2D or 3D outputs. Using CAD software we’ll create an identical digital map of your site, including ground modelling and visualisations. Our topographical mapping supports our clients in planning and design meetings when communicating site layout.

A Wealth of Land Survey Experience

  • Stroma Built Environment offers building safety, environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance services to clients across the built environment sector
  • Our experience in delivering Topographical Land Surveys spans large scale commercial sites and new build housing for residential projects
  • All our land surveyors are fully trained. Our consultative approach ensures you receive the right survey type for your project and we can also recommend complementary services and support via our Air, Acoustics, Environmental, Building Control and Energy teams as your project progresses.

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