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Stroma Built Environment provides Thermography Surveys and Inspections to identify heat loss in buildings and recommend remedial actions to improve energy efficiency and thermal comfort for occupants, whilst reducing overall running costs.


Certified Thermographers

PCN certified Thermographers experienced in using thermal imaging cameras on complex buildings.


Earn BREEAM Credits

Thermographic Surveys and reports for BREEAM Thermography assessments and credits.


Regulatory Compliance

Experts in energy efficiency regulations, including Part L of the Building Regulations.

Minimise Risks of Excessive Cold Bridging, Air Leakage & Breaks in Insulation

Our Thermography Surveys are a non-invasive, cost-effective method to identify structural flaws, material weaknesses, and installation errors within buildings, ensuring minimum disruption to your project or normal operations. We’re working with clients on residential and commercial developments to identify causes of heat loss to improve energy efficiency, as well as:

Water leaks or moisture ingress

  • Faults with wiring and other electrical components
  • Faults in mechanical components, including overheating
  • Masonry gaps or water ingress in roofing
  • Overall performance and leaks in underfloor heating pipes
  • Effectiveness of energy efficiency improvements

Thermographic Surveys are carried out in line with recognised standards, including BS EN 13187:1999: Thermal performance of buildings – qualitative detection of thermal irregularities in building envelopes – infra-red method and BRE Report 176 – A Practical Guide to Infra-Red Thermography for Building Surveys.

We use Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect temperature variances across a building's surfaces. Using the heat map of temperature variations that are generated, we can work alongside our clients to minimise excessive thermal bridging, air leakage, and breaks in insulation, whilst improving energy efficiency.

Andrew Davies Lead Thermographer

Earn BREEAM Credits with Thermography Surveys

Civil Thermographic Surveys and reports are provided in support of BREEAM Thermography assessments and credits, as well as identifying causes of thermal bridging for Part L compliance. Our Level 2 Thermographers will oversee and sign off BREEAM Thermography Surveys, ensuring they meet the BREEAM assessment criteria:

  • Continuity of insulation
  • Avoidance of thermal bridging
  • Avoidance of air leakage paths
  • Rectify any defects identified

We’ll work with you to reduce the gap between predicted design performance and as-built actual performance, as well as improve occupier comfort and reduce operation and maintenance costs for your building.

Home Quality Mark (HQM)

Stroma Built Environment offers new build assessments aligned to the Home Quality Mark (HQM) requirements. Compliance with HQM enables home builders to secure compliance with Building Regulations, demonstrate the high quality of their homes and differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Homebuyers have the confidence that any new home built to the Home Quality Mark is well-designed, well-built, and cost-effective to run.


Why Thermography Matters

A high number of properties within the UK suffer from poor insulation. This leads to uneven house temperatures, cold and draughty rooms, uncomfortable living conditions and increased energy bills. Thermography is the most effective method of identifying problems, such as poor insulation, heat loss and air leakage, that cause these issues. We can provide a detailed report on areas of heat loss within a property, allowing accurate work to be completed to improve living conditions.

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