CWCT On Site Testing

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Stroma Built Environment delivers CWCT Testing for clients on site to determine if a façade is weather tight or water tight. We are experienced working across a range of construction projects and work with a third party supplier to provide UKAS certification.

Hose Testing

Closed joint curtain walling and sloped glazing systems (CWCT Standards for Systemised Building Envelopes: 2006, AAMA 501.2-09 & NHBC Standards 2011 Chapter 6.9 S10) or CWCT Section 9, TN 41 and AAMA 501.94 & 501.2-09

Spray Bar Testing

Open-jointed systems (rain screen cladding, unsealed patent glazing, opening joints); leakage in cladding, curtain walling systems, roofs and skylights (European Standard BS EN 13051: 2001, CWCT Standards 2011 & NHBC Standards 2011 Chapter 6.9 S1 or CWCT Section 10, TN41 and BS EN 13051:2001

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CWCT Testing for clients on site

What is CWCT Testing?

What is CWCT

Stroma Built Environment is a member of the Centre for Windows and Cladding Technology (CWCT). On site façade testing can be used to check design performance and the quality of works carried out on site. By testing in the field we can help our clients to mitigate any risks or unexpected costs relating to the future performance of the façade. Benefits of CWCT Testing

  • We accurately simulate the source of leakage to discover and resolve it
  • We accurately confirm whether windows, cladding and facades are water tight
  • We offer reassurance that the façade will perform as expected

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