The London Plan

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Stroma Built Environment provides a fully supported service to assist you in achieving the Zero Carbon requirements of The London Plan and to help comply with climate change policies. The Mayor of London has committed to run London on 100% clean energy by 2050.

Achieve Zero Carbon

Our services will help attain compliance with the zero-carbon initiative on all your projects

Service Diversity

Through the diversity of our services, you can trust us to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for London Plan compliance

Solution Identification

Our experienced team will identify the most cost-effective solutions for your project

The London Plan: Why choose Stroma Built Environment?

Stroma Built Environment delivers a wide range of services and technical advice to help you meet or exceed Zero Carbon targets; from the earliest stages of your development through to project completion. We can help you identify the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to minimise carbon emissions throughout your development’s entire life cycle with consideration of future climate changes factored into your design.

With in-depth knowledge of the differing requirements of each borough, we can advise on the best approach to minimise carbon offset payments and help you meet the Mayor’s requirements for achieving Zero Carbon.

Our services include:

Energy Statements

Thermal Bridging and Comfort Assessment

Life Cycle Costing

Air Quality Assessments

Environmental Monitoring

Air Tightness Consultancy and Testing.

London Plan

London Plan

“We will definitely consider Stroma Built Environment on any future projects following the excellent service you have carried out on our project. It is greatly appreciated.”

R G Carter

London Plan: Zero Carbon Targets

From 1 October 2016, all major new-build residential developments in London are required to achieve a ‘Zero Carbon’ standard, followed by non-residential in 2019. Between 1 October and the introduction of the Zero Carbon targets, major non-residential projects are still required to achieve a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The gap between the 35% improvement target and 100% will be bridged by a cash in-lieu contribution to the relevant borough, to be ring fenced to secure carbon dioxide savings elsewhere. Carbon dioxide emission reduction targets are set as minimum improvements over the Target Emission Rate (TER), outlined in the Building Regulations.

Compliance Pack Bundle

Stroma Built Environment offers complementary services for The London Plan to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project.

Recommended services
Daylight and Sunlight Assessments
Energy Statements
Life Cycle Costing

Include London Plan with your Sustainability Strategy

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