Room Integrity Testing for Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

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Stroma Built Environment provides Room Integrity Testing to ensure the safe operation of rooms protected by gaseous fire suppression systems.

Nationwide Service

One of the largest teams of ATTMA Air Tightness Engineers in the UK, ensuring a quick response for Room Integrity Testing.

Approved Testing Equipment

Approved test equipment, including variable speed fans, expandable door panels, pressure gauges, and portable computers for reporting.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems Experience

Experienced in all types and sizes of enclosures, from server rooms in offices to gas turbines in power stations.

Room Integrity Testing Recognised by Insurers and Regulatory Authorities

We’re providing specialist air tightness tests to meet the minimum annual requirement of Room Integrity Testing for the installation of gaseous fire suppression systems. Our Room Integrity Testing measures the ability of the enclosure to retain an effective concentration of gas.

Minimal disruption to normal working practices

Testing carried out to BS EN 15004 and NFPA 2001 standards

Volumetric calculations completed before testing, delivering immediate on-site results

Smoke testing methods to identify air leakage in the event of a failure

Full reporting, including test data, air leakage diagnosis and air leakage certificate

Advise and arrange remedial air sealing works if required

Room Integrity

Room Integrity

“Room Integrity Testing is a requirement of the British Standard for Fixed Firefighting Systems – BS EN 15004, and most fire insurers will require evidence that the test has been conducted and passed.”

Marc Cowlin, Compliance Manager

British Standard for Fixed Firefighting Systems (BS EN 15004) Compliance

Our air tightness engineers will carry out a Room Integrity Test to examine how long fire suppressant agents take to descend to a given level, without releasing the gas itself. A Room Integrity Test should be performed annually when a gaseous system is installed, or where modifications to the room take place. Room Integrity Testing method includes:

Air pressure is tested with a door fan and sensor equipment, once the room is sealed. The Room Integrity Test usually takes about one and a half hours to complete

Data is generated and processed, in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and BS EN 15004

The software predicts the time that the suppression agents will be held in the test area at any given height. A retention time of 10 minutes is the minimum period for which the suppressant agents are required to be retained

To avoid disruption, equipment within the room can remain on during the duration of the test, including any air conditioning and recirculation systems. Any air supply/ ducts passing into the room will need to be dampened/closed or temporarily sealed.

Compliance Pack Bundle

Stroma Built Environment offers complementary services for Room Integrity Testing for Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project.

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