Remedial Air Sealing and Fire Stopping Services

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Stroma Built Environment provides Remedial Air Sealing and Fire Stopping Services to reduce risks of air leakage, or in the event of a fire. For compliance, Remedial Air Sealing is also offered where buildings have failed final air tightness testing.

Nationwide Service

One of the largest teams of ATTMA Air Tightness Engineers in the UK, ensuring a quick response for air sealing and testing.

Difficult Access Techniques

FIRAS and IRATA Rope Access Technicians to reach difficult access areas for safe remedial air sealing.

Compliance Experts

Extensive knowledge of air sealing, fire stopping, and associated Building Regulations compliance for final air tightness testing.

Support Throughout the Construction Lifecycle

We’re working with clients throughout all stages of the construction lifecycle; from air testing design reviews, on-site visits and pre-inspections, permanent air sealing, and fire stopping works, through to final air tightness testing.

Our teams are experienced in air sealing and fire stopping in new buildings for Part L compliance, commercial premises, such as retail spaces, schools, and hospitals, as well as climate-sensitive areas, including museums and galleries.

Our Air Sealing Specialists can help to identify:

Gaps between walls, ceilings or floors

Inadequate sealing between doors or architraves

Other areas of air leakage, via smoke testing methods

Our Fire Stopping services help to seal gaps in the building fabric to reduce risks of fire and ensure compliance with Building Regulations. Air Sealing services are also provided for gas suppression systems to server rooms and data rooms.

Remedial Air Sealing

Remedial Air Sealing

"Our technicians, many with IRATA, Confined Space, and FIRAS accreditation/qualifications, can reach difficult to access areas with ease, for a safe, fast and cost-effective solution to provide remedial air sealing and fire protection services."

Chris Cotterill, Head of Air Sealing

Failed an air test? Our Solution for Air Sealing

If you’ve failed your final air tightness test, we’ll work with you to review the report against the as-built details and envelope area information. We can also advise if any calculations can be relaxed for compliance purposes. Our team will also check temporary air sealing and advise on any remedial works needed for re-testing and final compliance.

1. Smoke investigation with air test fans to identify air leakage

2. Remedial air sealing works, and fire-stopping where necessary

3. Ongoing air tightness assessments before final testing

4. Final air tightness test for compliance

Compliance Pack Bundle

Stroma Built Environment offers complementary services for Remedial Air Sealing and Fire Stopping Services to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project.

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