Air Tightness Consultancy
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Stroma Built Environment provides Air Tightness Consultancy from initial design stages to achieve air permeability targets, planning requirements, Building Regulations Part L, BREEAM, and more.

National Delivery

One of the largest teams of air tightness engineers and consultants in the UK.

Design Stage Reviews

Support throughout all stages of construction, from initial design reviews to final testing and handover.

Compliance Experts

Meet compliance requirements for air tightness, as well as planning conditions, Part L and BREEAM.

Maximise Your Air Tightness Strategy and Achieve Compliance

We’re working with designers, architects, developers, and other construction professionals to maximise air tightness on their developments. Our Air Tightness Consultancy services help to identify potential air tightness improvements, reduce overall construction costs, and minimise risks before your projects break ground.

Desktop Design Reviews

Architectural Drawing Reviews

Pre-test Site Inspections

Air Tightness Testing

Online Design Reviews and Design Workshops

Air Tightness Consultancy is often required if you have a low air tightness specification of 5m3/(h.m2) or you have multiple contractual and design interfaces.



"We offer air tightness training seminars for Architects and design teams and other construction professionals. The seminars cover key issues and compliance requirements, as well as tips to improve your approach to air tightness."

Sarah Allen, Air Tightness Consultant

Minimise Air Leakage Risks from the Design Stage

Early-stage design reviews can identify any air leakage risks and recommend cost-effective design solutions to achieve air tightness targets. Stroma Built Environment offers desktop and on-site design reviews, as well as pre-test inspections to ensure compliance before final air testing and handover.

Desktop Design Reviews

We’ll review your architectural drawings to identify any design faults and potential risks that may affect your development’s air tightness. Our Air Tightness Consultants will provide recommendations to improve the project’s design intent and overall air tightness approach for final compliance.

On-site Design Workshop

Our consultant will visit your site to attend a design workshop alongside your project team. The on-site design workshop will examine the key details of your air barrier design to highlight potential weaknesses or risks at an early stage to recommend improvements to achieve compliance, whilst saving costs.

Pre-test Site Inspection (Audit)

Before final air tightness testing, we’ll arrange a pre-test site inspection to review the air barrier against the design and as-built details. The inspection will examine the air barrier details to identify the potential risks of an air test failure in an illustrated report. Any remedial works can then be actioned to ensure your project is on course to pass its final air tightness testing.

Compliance Pack Bundle

Stroma Built Environment offers complementary services for Air Tightness Consultancy
and Design Reviews to reduce procurement costs, gain project efficiencies and achieve full compliance and sustainability targets for your project.

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