SAP Calculations

SAP Calculations and the RIBA Plan of Work

What are SAP Calculations?

SAP Calculations determine the CO2 emission levels and typical annual energy costs (including space, water heating and lighting) for domestic dwellings. Stroma Built Environment delivers compliant and highly competitive SAP Calculations for new and existing residential properties to ensure your building stock is compliant with the Government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

SAP Calculation services – Why choose Stroma Built Environment?

Stroma Built Environment employs a skilled and fully certified team of SAP Assessors (On Construction Energy Assessors) to support your project. We are experienced in measuring the energy rating of residential buildings and have conducted thousands of SAP Calculations on a range of domestic property types.

Our services span both new and existing residential houses:

Design Stage SAP Calculations

Predicted Energy Certificate

U-value calculations

As Built SAP Calculations

SAP Design and compliance advice

We have assisted in formulating the compliance strategy for challenging developments such as high-rise buildings and high sustainability projects. Also, if your specification is not on target to meet the required limits, our experienced assessors can provide advice on how to resolve this, ensuring a smooth submission to Building Control.

Explaining the Standard Assessment Procedure

Stroma Built Environment offers SAP Calculation services covering both Part L1A (New Residential Houses) and Part L1B (Existing Residential Houses):

SAP Part L1A

New residential buildings must comply with Part L1A of Building Regulations, which stipulates that SAP assessments must be undertaken, and submitted to Building Control prior to the start of any works on site. All SAP assessments must be undertaken by accredited Energy Assessors. Upon completion of the build, the SAP assessment is upgraded to an As Built SAP calculation incorporating any changes from the initial design.

SAP Part L1B

SAP Calculations are required for converted dwellings, extensions and conservatories.

SAP Calculations for converted dwellings: The conversion SAP calculation assesses the thermal efficiency of the proposed building fabric, together with the energy requirements of the heating, lighting and hot water systems. However, compliance with any prescribed limits on carbon dioxide emissions is not currently required.

SAP Calculations for extensions and conservatories: For extensions, two alternate extension SAP calculations are produced: a notional SAP calculation based on the existing property with a conventional extension to the dimensions as proposed. Also, a second extension SAP based on the proposed extension.

Explaining SAP

Compliant SAP Calculation software

All our SAP calculations are carried out using FSAP Software – developed by our sister company Stroma Software. This DCLG-approved software package is widely used throughout the construction industry and allows our SAP assessors to work in compliance with the Government’s SAP methodology. FSAP provides all indicators of energy performance including the FEE rating, SAP rating and Environmental Impact rating.


SAP Calculations Case Studies

Request a quote for SAP Calculations

Contact our friendly Estimating Team to request a quote for SAP Calculation services on your building stock. You can also select to receive information about our complementary testing and assessment services to allow Stroma Built Environment to provide compliance support throughout your project.

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