Ruffer LLP

Client: Ruffer LLP
Location: London and Edinburgh
Sector: Offices
Service: ESOS Audit

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory requirement in the UK, requiring all non-SME’s to undertake regular energy audits. Ruffer LLP is a privately owned investment management firm, offering services to institutional clients including pension funds, charities, investment companies and insurance companies.


To develop and undertake a scope of works to achieve compliance with ESOS Regulations. A review of held assets was undertaken and as such, building energy audits were identified as the most suitable route to achieving compliance. The aim of the audits was to identify energy efficiency improvements and recommend cost effective energy saving measures. Building Energy Audits were undertaken in line with BS EN 16247 methodology at operations in London and Edinburgh to develop cost based recommendations for energy saving opportunities:

  • ESOS Lead Assessor Services
  • Calculation of energy consumption to ascertain 100% total energy consumption
  • Identifying and agreeing de minimis exclusions
  • Identifying the most suitable route to achieving ESOS compliance
  • Oversight of proposed ESOS compliance activity
  • Assistance in notifying scheme administrator of compliance
  • Review of Evidence Pack on completion