Edward Boyle Library

Client: Galliford Try
Location: Edward Boyle Library, University of Leeds
Sector: Education
Architect: Associated Architects
Service: Indoor Air Quality

Work began in 2015 on a full refurbishment of the Edward Boyle Library, to improve infrastructure (heating, lighting, ventilation), and to allow the development of new facilities. The fully refurbished library opened on 3 January 2017.


Stroma were commissioned to undertake indoor air quality testing for Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC) and formaldehyde at the library, in line with the HEA02 indoor air quality (post construction) extract from the BREEAM Technical Manual.

A site visit was arranged to: take a representative number of passive samples (using Tenax tubes) exposed for a 6.5-hour period to analyse for Total Volatile Organic Compounds; take a representative number of active samples (using a silica treated tube) using a low flow pump for 30 minutes to analyse for formaldehyde; take a representative number of field blanks as required through guidance—one Tenax tube per site visit and one silica treated tube per site visit. All samples were submitted to a selected MCERTS accredited laboratory for analysis based upon a standard 10-day turnaround. A BREEAM Air Quality VOC Testing report was submitted to the Client.