Department of Health

Client: Isle of Man Government
Location: Department of Health
Sector: Public Sector
Service: Air Tightness Testing / Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) / Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

The Department of Health is a department of the Isle of Man Government, covering health services and public health functions. It employs 1,983 full-time staff, around 25% of the Government’s public sector workforce.


We provided Energy Audits and Air Tightness Testing for a sample stock of buildings to identify feasible and cost effective improvements in order to reduce overall energy consumption. Following initial benchmarking activity including the production of Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Stroma conducted air tightness testing, building thermography and energy audit surveys for 6 sites. The sites were identified as being a sample reflective of the Department of Health’s property estate centres and nursing homes.


Detailed Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) was used to establish the cost effectiveness of energy saving opportunities recommended and subsequently help the Department prioritise future actions.