Brambles Primary Academy

Client: Wates Construction
Location: Brambles Primary Academy, Huddersfield
Sector: Education
Architect: Enjoy Design
Service: Acoustic Consultancy

Stroma Built Environment provided acoustic consultancy and design services from tender stage through to pre-completion testing and hand over at the Brambles Primary Academy.

An initial site noise survey was undertaken to assess the existing noise climate and its impact on the new building. A RIBA Stage 4 acoustic design review has been undertaken to assess and update the acoustic design of the building to meet the requirements of Building Bulletin 93 and project requirements.

An external noise impact assessment has also been undertaken to discharge planning conditions. The assessment considered activity noise from operational use of the school, noise from building services plant and noise from use of external sports pitches. A specification was provided for an acoustic barrier to protect local residential properties from sports noise.


Stroma will continue to support the design and site teams through the construction stage to ensure that the acoustic design intent is realised.

Pre-completion acoustic testing of the final building will be undertaken prior to handover to confirm that acoustic requirements are met.