Plenum Testing

What is Plenum Testing?

Plenum Testing is a specialist raised access floor air test provided by Stroma Built Environment. As the market leading air tightness testing provider we will work with you to ensure your Plenum Test passes first time. Approximately 70% of plenums fail the first air test in any building. We can deploy Air Tightness Consultants across the country to advise on your specification and design to make sure that your plenums are properly sealed.

Plenum Testing services – Why choose Stroma Built Environment?

Stroma Built Environment’s Plenum desktop and on site design reviews assess how elements of the plenum are specified and how they are integrated together to form a workable plenum.

Our Plenum Testing service will advise you on the following factors:

The air tightness requirements of your plenums

Testing the plenum on site (and how this differs from laboratory testing)

How contractor work affects the air tightness of a plenum

How pipes and cabling affects the air tightness of a plenum

Plenum Remedial Works

If you have already undertaken a Plenum Test which has failed, we can also provide remedial advice post design stage. Stroma Built Environment’s practical and technical expertise will identify the problem areas or any defects so that the necessary remedial work can be carried out..

What is a Plenum?

A plenum is part of a building that normally facilitates air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems. It provides pathways for either heated/conditioned or return airflows, usually at greater than atmospheric pressure. Typically, this is under a raised floor or between the structural ceiling and the suspended ceiling. Stroma Built Environment recommends a Plenum Test site advice visit as soon as the floor is in place. This means we can assess your design and offer you specification advice to ensure that your plenums are adequately sealed.

The Process of Air Testing Plenums

We begin by removing a tile from the plenum and connect a tunnel to our fan. Any air handling ducts serving the test zone need to be turned off, isolated and temporarily sealed. This stops the passage of air to outside of the test zone via ductwork. Once the area has been prepared and the fan set up, the test takes place in the same way as a normal air pressure test. This involves taking a number of pressure readings for between 30 to 45 minutes.

The specification for the plenum is usually determined by the project’s Mechanical Engineer. Stroma will need to understand the specified pressure (e.g. 0.5l/s/m2 @ 50 Pascals)


Request a quote for Plenum Testing

Contact our friendly Estimating Team to request a quote for Plenum Testing services on your building. You can also select to receive information about our complementary testing and assessment services to allow Stroma Built Environment to provide compliance support throughout your project.

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