Using Life Cycle Analysis to manage carbon emissions

Stroma Built Environment is helping clients and designers with Life Cycling Analysis (LCA) by analysing carbon (embodied & operational) and environmental impact of works to manage carbon emissions.

Importantly, Mat 1 credits in BREEAM 2018 are no longer based on Green Guide ratings, the credits are now awarded for carrying out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Stroma Built Environment use an approved online tool to carry out this process and Credits are awarded for carrying out the LCA at RIBA Stage 2 and for re-visiting this at RIBA 4.

We work with the design team to assess your proposed design to see if improvements to the embodied carbon in your building, foundations and services can be made. This is essential at the early stage of your project. 10.49% of the BREEAM assessment can be achieved by carrying out the LCA at the correct time, using the approved tool.

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