Safety, Sustainability & Compliance Jargon Buster

The recent Construction News 'Decarbonising Construction' online conference highlighted that jargon is a real problem for those promoting sustainability in construction projects. The majority of consumers do not understand phrases such as net zero (source: Construction News). The conference argued that the language used in construction must become more accessible and understandable to the wider public.

Sustainability Jargon Busting: Air Quality Neutral

Stroma Built Environment's Head of Pre and Post Construction Services, James Browne, explains what the term Air Quality Neutral means:

"The London Plan requires every major development in the capital to be Air Quality Neutral. This means that following the completion of any new development, the emissions generated are no greater than beforehand."

Air Quality Neutral Assessments

Stroma Built Environment offers an Air Quality Neutral Assessment as part of our suite of Air Quality services. This assessment analyses the building emissions and transport emissions against given benchmarks. Where these benchmarks are exceeded, the Air Quality Consultants can recommend mitigation measures.

Example Mitigation Measures

  • Low NOx boilers
  • Travel plans
  • Green Screening

These can all help to protect residents against levels of high air pollution.

Contact Stroma Built Environment about your next project

Stroma Built Environment can put you in contact with an Air Quality Consultant to discuss your project plans at an early stage. We'll review your requirements for an Air Quality Neutral Assessment or other Air Quality Assessments to help you meet environmental legislation. We can also advise on other sustainability regulations and improvements to occupier comfort levels such as London Plan assessments and Acoustic Consultancy.

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