Dust Risk Assessments with Stroma Built Environment

Stroma Built Environment provides Dust Risk Assessments that assess the impact of dust on the four phases of construction, as part of our Air Quality Assessment offering.

Throughout the four phases of the construction cycle; Demolition, Earthworks, Construction and Track Out, Stroma Built Environment’s Air Quality Consultants track and analyse the impact of dust on air quality and local sensitive receptors.

As a result of this analysis, Stroma provides clients with mitigation measures to help clients deal with the impact of construction works on local air quality.

Throughout this process, we support clients to meet air quality mitigation and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) targets, as well as other environmental regulations.

Dust Risk Assessments assess the impact of construction activities on air quality on local sesntivie receptors. As a result of this assessment we can then provide mitigation measures. - James Browne, Head of Pre and Post Construction Services

To learn more about a Stroma Built Environment Dust Risk Assessment, or an Air Quality Assessment visit our AQA page.

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