Courtney Hawkins' project selected for recognition, Stroma Built Environment

Stroma Built Environment’s Graduate Acoustic Consultant, Courtney Hawkins has had her project for Weather Conditions in Building Acoustic Design selected for recognition at the London Branch AGM.

The project, which forms part of Courtney’s IOA Diploma in Acoustics and Noise Control qualification looks to evaluate the effect that meteorological conditions can have on internal noise levels within high rise buildings.

About the Project

At present, there is very little acoustic guidance relating to the effects that meteorological conditions can have on internal noise levels. Current UK acoustic guidance favours dry weather conditions with low wind speeds. However, the UK only experiences these conditions for just under half the year, meaning that some residential buildings are, based on British / International guidance, failing to provide suitable internal noise levels during a large portion of the year.

This study discusses what effects meteorological conditions can have on high-rise buildings. Although extensive testing could not be conducted due to Covid-19 restrictions, the results of the study show that in particular wind-induced structure-borne noise and elevated road noise from wet roads can be responsible for internal noise levels above those recommended in BS 8233:2014.

As acoustic testing is not typically performed during the meteorological conditions where these effects are present, they could go undetected until the space is occupied, which is why further acoustic guidance would be beneficial for this area of study.

“Whilst this area of study definitely requires more research, it’s been a real eye opener as to how much poor weather conditions can increase internal noise levels and the lack of acoustic guidance covering this area. I’ve learnt a lot both as a person and an acoustician whilst undertaking the IOA Diploma and would like to thank Stroma for providing me with this opportunity and the support throughout.” – Courtney Hawkins, Graduate Acoustic Consultant

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