Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella Risk Assessments and the RIBA Plan of Work

What are Legionella Risk Assessments?

Legionella Risk Assessments identifies and assesses the risks of exposure to legionella from hot and cold-water systems. This enables the ‘responsible person’ to implement controls for monitoring, managing, and where possible, preventing the risk of legionella. Stroma Built Environment delivers Legionella Risk Assessments to help building owners, landlords and employers manage and maintain water systems in their premises to reduce risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

Legionella Risk Assessment services – Why choose Stroma Built Environment?

We specialise in the assessment of all types of water systems, in compliance with ACOP L8 – The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 and The Health and Safety at Work etc. 1974 Regulations. Our in-house WMSoc Consultants are experienced in carrying out bespoke Legionella Risk Assessments and surveys across multiple industries and varied building types.

Our consultants work across the UK to provide the following services:

Assessments to identify and assess legionella risks

Guidance on preventative measures

Management plans and monitoring programmes

Record keeping for proof of compliance

Legionella Risk Assessments are enforceable under The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 and The Health & Safety at Work Act etc. 1974. Failure to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment where required can result in prosecution. We can help your business to control these risks by implementing measures to manage, maintain and treat the water systems in your premises.

We will act as your competent person to carry out your Legionella Risk Assessments in conjunction with L8 guidance.

What is Legionella Bacteria?

Legionella is a form of bacteria found in water droplets and is responsible for Legionnaires’ disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia. The disease is contracted through inhalation of infected water droplets, not through drinking contaminated water. Legionella is commonly found in man-made water systems including cooling towers and evaporative condensers, hot and cold water systems and spa pools.

The legionella bacteria often thrive in certain environmental conditions. The legionella risk is greater when:

water temperatures are between 20-45 °C

the system uses stored or re-circulated water

the system can create and/or spread inhalable droplets, e.g. air conditioning

where sources of nutrients are present, e.g. rust, scale

Legionella Risk Assessment Process

All our Legionella Risk Assessments are carried out to help clients manage risks and implement control measures detailed in ACOP L8.

Our Legionella Risk Assessment includes:

Physical Examination

A complete physical examination of all water systems and outlets in your premises. The assessment will allow us to identify and assess the risks of legionella in your premises.

Detailed and Illustrated Report

An illustrated report will be provided, including photographic evidence and water system schematic diagrams to outline any remedial works required.

Monitoring and Management Plan

Following an assessment, we will help you to implement a monitoring and management plan to outline control strategies, in accordance with ACOP L8.

Record Keeping

For compliance, we will work with you to ensure all treatment records, certification and log books are kept correctly for ongoing monitoring.

Sigma – Health & Safety Management Software

Legionella Risk Assessments carried out by Stroma Built Environment can be viewed by clients through our health and safety management software: Sigma. The cloud-based platform enables clients to keep a log of all their properties to effectively manage assessments, reports and action plans:

  • View and manage risk assessments and subsequent actions
  • Manage multi-site premises
  • Prioritise actions – low, medium, high
  • Set assessment due dates and manage responsible persons
  • View, create and manage actions
  • View, create and manage accident log (RIDDOR)
  • View, create and manage contractor database
  • Upload your own documents, including supporting evidence (e.g. photos)

We will provide a complementary demonstration of Sigma when you contact our Health & Safety team to discuss your property portfolio

Request a quote for Legionella Risk Assessments

Contact our friendly Water Hygiene team to request a quote for Legionella Risk Assessment services for your property stock. You can also select to receive information about our complementary Health & Safety services to allow Stroma Built Environment to provide additional compliance support.

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