Energy Audits

Energy Audits and the RIBA Plan of Work

What are Energy Audits?

Energy Audits determine an organisations energy usage in order to identify energy saving opportunities for your business.

We can support you and your organisation with improving energy efficiency, carbon reduction, compliance with environmental legislation, whilst making savings in energy costs.

Energy Audits – why choose Stroma Built Environment?

Stroma Built Environment delivers Energy Audits in line with the requirements of BS EN 16247 to help you save money and reduce energy consumption.

Our Energy Audits will gather data to identify:

Energy savings and carbon reduction opportunities

Energy usage within your organisation

Energy supply and distribution

The building’s use and requirements

The building’s fabric, heating and ventilation systems, electrical systems etc.

Existing energy management policies and procedures

Following an energy audit, a report will be produced outlining improvement measures, along with estimated costs and payback periods. If required, the report can also include recommendations for occupant behavioural changes that will further reduce your carbon footprint.

ESOS Energy Audits – BS EN 16247 Compliant

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) requires UK organisations with over 250 employees (or organisations with a turnover of more than 50 million euros (£38,937,777) and a balance sheet exceeding 43 million euros (£33,486,489) to undertake energy audits to improve energy efficiency.

Stroma Built Environment delivers Energy Audits in compliance with the requirements of ESOS. Our ESOS Lead Assessors can oversee and approve energy audits for notification to the Environment Agency. Our capabilities include building, transport and process energy audits.

What does an Energy Audit include?

We will work with you to establish your objectives, budget and time-scales for implementing energy efficiency improvements.

Our Energy Auditors will then assess your energy usage through reviewing your equipment, premises, systems and services, including:

  • Building fabric
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Water use, lighting controls
  • Electrical systems
  • Energy monitoring systems, BMS
  • Occupant behaviour
  • Transport

Energy Modelling

We are experienced in using Energy Modelling to help understand how energy consumption can be reduced. Using Dynamic Simulation Software (DSM), we can create 3D thermal models to calculate energy efficiency and identify the compound impact of a range of recommended measures.

From predictive energy modelling, we can help you to develop an energy strategy bespoke to your organisation.

Energy Audits

Energy Feasibility Studies

Stroma Built Environment offers Energy Feasibility Studies covering both new and existing buildings. Our Energy Feasibility Studies give independent advice about renewable technologies available to your building.

The Energy Feasibility Study will investigate a wide-range of on-site renewable energy technologies, including, solar energy photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, air source heat pumps, biomass boilers etc.

The study will determine the most appropriate renewable technology for your business by considering several factors. These include, location, building orientation, building size, energy demand at particular times, degree days, wind speeds, availability of biomass fuels, planning considerations etc.

Upon completing a feasibility study, you will receive a detailed report outlining the most viable and cost-effective recommendations suitable for your building. If applicable, we will also advise on any financial grants available to you.

Energy Modelling

Request a quote for an Energy Audit

Contact our Energy Consultancy Team to request a quote for Energy Audit services. You can also select to receive information about our complementary energy services to allow Stroma Built Environment to provide additional support.

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