Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH)

Code for Sustainable Homes and the RIBA Plan of Work

What is the Code for Sustainable Homes?

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) is an environmental assessment method for rating and certifying the sustainability of new homes. Stroma Built Environment has registered Code Assessors experienced in undertaking CSH Assessments on a wide-range of projects. We assist our clients to comply with the CSH requirements stipulated by Planning Authorities, Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

CSH services – why choose Stroma Built Environment?

We provide a whole house holistic approach and focus on the delivery of appropriate performance rather than just compliance. We deliver a range of Code for Sustainable Home services, suitable to the client requirements of each individual project.

Our services for CSH can be delivered throughout the RIBA Plan of Work stages:

Pre-assessment reports at design stage

Design stage assessments

Post construction reviews

We also provide consultancy and advice throughout the process. By working with a registered Code Assessor, you’ll receive a comprehensive measure of your housing sustainability. This is delivered through a full report and a Code rating for your properties. All our energy assessors are regularly audited by a certification body to ensure our assessments are carried out in line with current regulations.

CSH Pre-Assessment Reports

These are undertaken to satisfy planning application requirements. Your Code Assessor will help you to evidence that the project is on target to achieve the required CSH rating. They will also offer guidance at the design stage.

Design Stage Assessments

We will analyse the evidence gathered from design drawings and specifications to determine an interim CSH rating. This is essential to ensure an interim Design Stage Certificate can be issued.

Post Construction Review

The final Code for Sustainable Homes assessment is conducted through a site visit and review of documentary evidence. Subsequently, we will issue the client with the final Post Construction Certificate.

CSH Pre-Assessment

Design Advice and Consultancy

We are committed to providing advice and consultancy support at every stage of the project to ensure that CSH compliance solutions are seamlessly integrated into the design and construction process. The Code measures the sustainability of new homes against nine categories:

  • Energy / CO2 Emissions
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Surface Water Run-off
  • Ecology
  • Waste
  • Pollution
  • Health and Well-being
  • Management

Some elements are mandatory for compliance; others are optional.

CSH Design Advice

Water Efficiency Calculations

We also carry out Water Efficiency Calculations required for new dwellings to comply with Part G of the Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes. The Code for Sustainable Homes imposes targets related to water usage through the WAT 1 category.

Levels 1 & 2: less than or equal to 120L per day

Levels 3 & 4: less than or equal to 105L per day

Levels 5 & 6: less than or equal to 80L per day

Under Part G of the Building Regulations, a maximum water usage figure of 125L per person, per day must be achieved. Non-compliance may adversely affect a dwelling’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation, and consequently its Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. Calculations must be submitted at both the design and ‘as built’ stages; if your specification is not on target to meet the required limits, our experienced assessors can provide advice on how to resolve this, ensuring a smooth submission to Building Control.

View our Building Control services at Stroma Building Control.

Home Quality Mark

The Home Quality Mark was launched by BRE on 3 March 2015. The scheme builds upon the success of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Compliance with this standard aims to give confidence to home buyers and help house builders differentiate themselves in the market place. For more information about the Home Quality Mark and how Stroma Built Environment can help, call 0845 621 22 22.

CSH Case Studies

Request a quote for CSH

Contact our friendly Estimating Team to request a quote for Code Assessment services for your project. You can also select to receive information about our complementary testing and assessment services to allow Stroma Built Environment to provide compliance support throughout your project.

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