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Stroma Built Environment works as part of your design team to deliver early stage consultancy for sustainable design in buildings.

Environmental Design

We’ll monitor environmental impacts for proposed developments such as air quality and dust

Air & Acoustic Design

Establishing an air and acoustic design strategy supports Part E and L compliance later

Sustainable Design

We’ll model energy management impacts for thermal and occupier comfort

Sustainability from RIBA stage 0-7

Stroma Built Environment and the wider Stroma Group are working closely with architectural and design practices to create the zero and low carbon buildings of the future. Our complementary Air, Acoustic, Environmental and Energy teams offer services which can be specified to clients at design stage.

Our consultancy services start at Strategic Definition and concept stage and we’ll work with you through to the project starting on site. Post design, our on site teams of testing engineers and energy management consultants will continue to support contractors and clients through to completion and beyond.

Do you want an Air Quality Assessment to monitor dangerous particulates?

Are you looking to gain cost effective early stage BREEAM credits?

Can we complete a desktop design review for Air Tightness and Acoustics?

Have you considered whole life costing and thermal performance?

“Public Health England estimates that around 16% of the UK’s NOx emissions are caused by the construction industry. We can help monitor Air Quality risks.”

James Browne, Senior Air Quality Consultant

Sustainable Design for Sustainable Construction

Stroma Built Environment can work with you and your client to deliver a comprehensive and compliant sustainable design strategy which meets environmental legislation and Building Regulations requirements:

BREEAM pre-assessments

Energy Statements and London Plan guidance

Early stage Air Tightness and Acoustic Design consultancy

Air Quality, Noise, Dust and Vibration Monitoring

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