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Air Tightness Consultancy and the RIBA Plan of Work

What is Air Tightness Consultancy?

Air Tightness Consultancy ensures developments achieve compliance with air permeability targets, planning requirements, Building Regulation Part L, BREEAM and many other associated industry benchmarks. Stroma Built Environment's Air Tightness Consultancy provides technical advice throughout all stages of a construction project to ensure the optimum levels of air tightness are achieved.

Air Tightness Consultants
Air Tightness Consultancy Services
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Air Tightness Consultancy services – Why choose Stroma Built Environment?

Stroma Built Environment have an extensive team of Air Tightness Consultants who hold many years of experience working across air tightness and the energy efficiency and construction sectors. We liaise with designers, architects, developers and a number of other construction professionals who are influential in defining a building’s air tightness to identify potential improvements, reduce costs, and minimise risks. As a general rule if you have a low air tightness specification of 5m3/(h.m2) or you have multiple contractual and design interfaces, you will need consultancy advice.

Our comprehensive service includes:

Design Workshops

Architectural Drawing Reviews

Pre-test Site Inspections

Air Tightness Testing

By engaging with Stroma Built Environment at the initial stages of a development, we can carry out a comprehensive review of the proposed construction details to identify any air leakage risks, and recommend cost-effective design solutions to ensure air tightness. We can also assess your project to help you determine the services which you may require to achieve your desired air tightness targets.

Desktop Design Reviews

An Air Tightness Consultant will carry out a comprehensive review of the architectural drawings and deliver advice towards a project’s design intent and overall air tightness approach. The desktop design review includes an evaluation of the drawing details to identify any design faults and potential risks which may affect your development’s air tightness. The consultant will advise on the details and materials to highlight economical improvements for meeting targets and achieving compliance.

On-Site Design Workshop

A Stroma Built Environment consultant will come to your site and will attend a design workshop meeting alongside your project team. During the on-site design workshop, the team will discuss the project, its air tightness strategy and how it has been incorporated into its design. The key details and air barrier design will be examined to establish any potential weaknesses or risks at an early stage to recommend where improvements and cost savings can be made.

Pre-Test Site Inspection (Audit)

An on-site inspection prior to final testing is carried out, including a review of the design or as-built details to identify potential risks of an air test failure and determine whether or not the project is on course to pass. During the inspection, the air barrier details are scrutinised throughout the building and recorded in an illustrated report to ensure any concerns are addressed and remedial works are put in place before the final air test.

Desktop Design Reviews


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