Your Complete Home Snag Report

From only £300

Congratulations on your new home! If some things aren’t perfect, we can make them right.

Stroma Building Control performs detailed snagging inspections on all new build property types. Receive a professional report on all major and minor property issues.

Your Stroma Home Snagging Report will inspect*:

Cracks to external walls

Uneven paths or driveways

Discolouration on walls due to brick dust

Rusted, loose or missing screws and fixings

Central heating faulty or radiators not working

Faulty bulbs on light fittings

Cracks in wall plaster

Splashes of paint on the walls and ceilings

*Not an exhaustive list

1-2 bed

3 bed

4+ bed

2 bed

3-4 bed

5 bed


“We investigate the quality, safety, comfort and appearance of your new build, working with you to complete a full and comprehensive property audit.”

Joe Price-Buchanan, Building Control Surveyor

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