Green Tea Architects

Client: Green Tea Architects
Location: Tower Hamlets, London
Contractor: 8Build
Sector: Education

We consider ourselves as market leaders in Building Control, particularly in the education sector having worked on various types of educational buildings around the country ranging from primary to secondary educational establishments. We are well versed in the relevant guidance documents such as BB 100. Our systems have been developed to satisfy our client’s requirements for both the speed, technical support and accuracy of the response. Ensuring that our clients are not left to pick up the pieces associated with miscommunication.


We were recently involved in the construction and development of a new timber-framed school in the Tower Hamlets area of London. The unusual design and shape of the building provided unusual challenges such as the treatment of all the timber for fire resistance, but with close liaison with the Design Team and external bodies, such as the London Fire Service we were able to provide a proactive Building Control service for our client, enabling the scheme to complete on time. We were also pleased to be part of a scheme which was nominated for a Building Construction Industry Award, where the building and architect were highly commended.