Stroma Building Control is a leading provider of Building Control services with an extensive knowledge of the healthcare sector. Having worked for various health Trusts and healthcare practises, we are highly qualified in supporting your development to meet with specific guidance relating to healthcare (i.e. Health Technical Memorandums and Building Notes etc). Stroma Building Control Surveyors can suggest unique solutions to meet with the operational requirements whilst maintaining efficiency in design.

Why Building Control for Healthcare?

Most types of healthcare development will require Building Control services. Stroma Building Control has a wealth of experience in hospital and healthcare buildings and are able to bring proactive solutions to meet the stringent compliance requirements of HTM guidance specific to hospital projects. Fire safety is of vital importance to healthcare. Reliance is placed upon moving people within departments in a fire situation rather than evacuating buildings which would not be possible due to the risk to patient’s health. Your Building Control Surveyor can advise you of all the relevant regulations of which you will need awareness from the early stages of the development to meet with the Trust and Building Regulation requirements.

Regulations for Healthcare projects

Your appointed Surveyor will work with your design team at key RIBA stages to help you maintain regulatory compliance in areas such as Fire Safety, Conservation of Fuel and Power along with Access and Use of the building etc. Stroma Building Control staff are well versed with the relevant standards applicable to your development in order to work proactively with the design team to ensure the most appropriate solution is adopted to mitigate risk and to meet operational and compliance requirements. We commit to engaging actively with the client team and taking a lead role in all consultations with the Trust and Local Fire Authority at the earliest opportunity.

Recent Project Experience

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