We recently issued our clients with a letter, outlining the integration of BBS Building Control, Approved Design Consultancy and Greendoor Building Control into Stroma Building Control.

We are aware you may still have some queries and have drafted the following frequently asked questions to help you.

What are the benefits of working with Stroma Building Control?

Our goal is simple – to provide the best possible Building Control service in England and Wales. We offer many years of experience and a proactive attitude to our customers in addition to our Stroma Group supplemental services that span the entire life cycle of a building from design concept to occupation.

By contracting with Stroma Building Control you will receive:

  • More dedicated staff, knowledge and expertise close to your site anywhere in England and Wales
  • Coordination of a broad spectrum of compliance services
  • Expertise and advice on not only Building Control but also:
    • Energy Assessment
    • Air and Acoustic Testing
    • Ecology, Thermography and Air Quality services
    • Noise Dust and Vibration monitoring of sites
    • Dedicated account management

Are Building Control fees likely to increase?

We strive to provide the best possible service with a team of experienced and qualified surveyors. We offer competitive fees, no matter what size or type of project, and are happy to provide framework agreements for repetitive projects to help you achieve savings on your projects. We regularly review and benchmark our fees against the market and the Local Authority network to ensure we remain competitive.

Can I be confident that site inspections will be carried out promptly?

We are able to offer our customers a network of over 120 directly employed surveyors across England and Wales. This brings responsive inspections no matter where your project is sited.

Will I be able to submit applications online?

We offer various ways to submit your Building Regulation application to us. This includes online at any time via our new website, by email or simply by calling us. All current channels will remain in place.

I have a great working relationship with a surveyor/office can this be maintained?

Our organisation is built on close business-to-business relationships and we seek to maintain and improve upon our existing relations that work so well already. Therefore, if you already have a relationship with a surveyor, you will see no change to the service.

Will previously issued Building Control legal notices for my project remain valid?

Previously submitted initial notices and plan certificates issued in the name of Approved Design, BBS or Greendoor remain valid. Once your project is complete a final certificate will be issued under the name of:

Previous Legal Entity Final Certificate Issued By
Approved Design Consultancy Ltd Approved Design Consultancy Ltd
BBS Building Control Ltd Stroma Building Control Ltd
Greendoor Building Control & Specialist Services Ltd Greendoor Building Control & Specialist Services Ltd

This will ensure continuity of projects from a Local Authority perspective.

What happens if there is an issue with an old project carried out by Approved Design or Greendoor?

We have full cover insurance spanning both the old and new legal entities which will provide the same level of cover for all novated projects regardless of the legal entity.

Is my contract being novated?

Yes. In order to protect customers, because the staff and assets and financials of Greendoor and Approved Design are moving to Stroma Building Control, it is necessary to novate the contracts in order to ensure the contracting company has the means to discharge the responsibilities under the project.

Is Stroma Building Control a new entity with no history?

No, BBS Building Control Limited is a long-established company that will be changing its name to Stroma Building Control Limited. This company has the history, reserves and asset base to support the new division.

The Stroma Building Control division also includes the combined skills and experience of Approved Design and Greendoor.

Do I still send my payments to the same place?

No, new bank account details were provided in your letter and should be used for all payments from 1st October.

If I have queries on my invoices who do I contact?

You still contact the local finance teams you have previously dealt with. If you are unsure, please refer to the address and contact details on the invoice.

If you have any additional questions which have not been answered, please complete our simple query form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

Alternatively, for all other Stroma Building Control enquiries, please email buildingcontrol@stroma.com

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