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Competent Person Scheme CPS

Competent Person Schemes (CPS)

Stroma Certification’s Competent Person Schemes (CPS) are available to installers in a number of trades and across a wide range of measures. Transferring your membership to Stroma is a simple process which saves you money and provides many unique benefits.

How much will Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) certification cost?

Our aim is to simplify and minimise audit and notification submissions. Our bespoke software modules align with the various schemes, leading to efficiency savings for our members and ensuring we can support members most effectively.

First Year Fees

Application Fee Site Assessment Per Group of Measures
CPS £100 £240* per half day assessment

Renewal Fees

On Site/Installation Assessment
CPS £240* per half day assessment

*Includes up to 10 operatives; bespoke pricing applies for organisations with more than 10 operatives.

Notification Fees
CPS Notification (Online) Per property £1.50**

**Postal notifications are available at £2.50 per measure for CPS.
All quoted prices exclude VAT.

On notification of works through the member's area, a certificate of works will be printed and posted to your client based on the details provided to us. In the event incorrect details are provided the member will be asked to re notify and incur an additional notification fee. The certificate will be posted 7 days after the notification is made and after Building Control have been notified.

What does Stroma CPS cover?

Stroma Certification offer Competent Person Schemes which cover the following trades:

  • Electrical – Domestic & Commercial
  • Plumbing – Sanitary Ware
  • Heating – Unvented, Oil & Solid Fuel
  • Air Conditioning/Ventilation
  • Microgeneration
  • Building Fabric Installers

We have been authorised by the DCLG to run CPS schemes for the following measures:

Measure Building Regulations Schedule 3 row number
Gas-fired heating or hot water systems 2
Oil-fired combustion appliances, pipes and storage 3
Oil-fired heating or hot water systems 5
Solid fuel-burning heating or hot water systems 6
Electrical heating or hot water systems 7
Mechanical ventilation, air conditioning or controls (non-domestic, not shared) 8
Mechanical ventilation, air conditioning or controls (domestic) 9
Lighting or electrical heating (non-domestic) 10
Low voltage electrical (domestic) 11
Low voltage electrical (non-domestic, arising from work carried out by a registered person) 12
Window, door, roof light or roof window replacement (domestic) 13
Installation of toilets, sinks, washbasins, bidets, baths or showers (excluding work on shared or underground drainage) 14
Installation of water supply to flushing toilets (excluding work on shared or underground drainage) 16
Microgeneration technologies (excluding Micro CHP and wind) 17
Cavity wall insulation 18
Window, door, rooflight or roof window replacement (non-domestic, non-load-bearing) 21
Internal wall insulation 22
External wall insulation 23

CPS certification covers the installation, not the design. A CPS notification confirms that the work conforms to all Building regulation requirements (from Part A to Part P).

Why join Stroma?

Stroma Certification registers all parts of the Building Regulations. This means that only one assessment regime is required to gain CPS certification. Our process saves Installers both time and money.

Our CPS offers installers a range of benefits, including:

  • A straightforward application process.
  • Free-of-charge software that streamlines and automates the notifications and archiving process, making self-certification simple.
  • Training, development and technical updates based on a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) principle.
  • A free-of-charge technical support helpline, manned by competent experts.
  • A dedicated members’ website.
  • Advertising of all members’ details to promote their services.
  • A non-profit scheme, with all profit re-invested for the benefit of scheme members.
  • Competitively-priced membership fees, warranty and assessment provision.

Tradespeople moving from other CPS schemes or who have taken GDI or MCS elsewhere can also include CPS for free as long as they renew without undergoing an assessment. You must then notify the work through Stroma. Notifications are made simple as all members have access to the notification system on our online members area.

Become a Stroma member

Stroma Certification is committed to supporting our members throughout their membership. By joining Stroma you gain access to a host of free tools and software which helps you become more efficient and effective during an installation. The online Installer Members Area is available and contains technical resources and scheme documentation to reduce time-consuming admin.

How do I join Stroma?

Read our Installer Info Pack

Download the information pack which includes all the details you need to progress your application.

Please read the relevant documents carefully to ensure that you are aware of the requirements in order that your application is processed without delay.

The information pack contains documents for GDI, CPS and MCS schemes so be sure to read all the ones relating the CPS certification carefully.
Fill in the application form

You only have to complete one simple online application form.

It’s easy to complete and once it has been filled in the form gets transferred to our membership team who will then review the information.

We aim to process and respond to all membership enquiries within 72 hours.
Pay the fees and return the pre-visit questionnaire

You will receive one invoice which keeps the application process simple and helps you to manage your finances simply.

A pre-visit questionnaire will be sent with the invoice and is used to collect some advance information about the company, the staff involved and the installation itself.

This form should be completed in full to ensure your application can be progressed without delay.
We will visit you to carry out an assessment

Our assessor will audit your written documentation, then they will undertake a site assessment(s) to cover each type of work for which you have applied.
During the visits you’ll be assessed against the relevant scheme standards.
Submit any outstanding evidence

If the Stroma assessor identifies any issues during the visit, you will usually be given an opportunity to put them right.

Once the problems have been rectified then evidence needs to be sent to Stroma as proof of this. Following satisfactory receipt of evidence your assessment can be signed off and final approval given.

Congratulations – you are certified!

Join us today

Once this process is complete, we will recommend you for certification and you will receive your certificate.
To maintain your certification, we will re-assess every year.

What are the key requirements for CPS certification?

In order to maintain your CPS membership, you will need to:

  • Ensure that your operatives have the correct level of competency (i.e. hold relevant qualifications and adhere to the certification standards).
  • Demonstrate adherence to relevant technical and safety standards.
  • Demonstrate high standards of professionalism and best practice.
  • Adhere to Stroma Certification’s regular checks and standards.

What is CPS?

Stroma Certification offers Competent Person Schemes (CPS) covering a number of different trades. Membership of a CPS allows installers to self-certify their installations as meeting the Building Regulations. A Competent Person membership is awarded to the organisation, not to an individual installer. Approval is gained through an independent audit of company procedures against Building Regulation requirements, followed by examination of a relevant recent installation.

If an installer is not registered with a CPS then a building notice or full plans application must be submitted. This additional process will cost you Building Control or Approved Inspector fees for the inspection and approval of installations.

Self-certification includes all work done under the Building Regulations. It was first introduced in 2002 for installations such as replacement windows, heating or electrical work. Once notification of an installation is received by Stroma, we issue a certificate of works to the client confirming that the installation is certified as competent.

Competent Person Schemes (CPS) Certification