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Non Domestic Energy Assessment Training

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are mandatory upon construction, sale or rental of any non-domestic building, whether new or existing. An assessment must be carried out by a certified assessor and an EPC generated, which gives the building a rating of A – G, with A being the most energy efficient.

An EPC is also accompanied by an Advisory Report (AR), which outlines ways in which energy can be saved and provides recommendations that include the short, medium and long-term paybacks of various green technologies. The implementation of these recommendations would reduce the building's CO2 emissions, as well as fuel costs.

Approved Document L2A-2010 of the Building regulations stipulates a full building energy calculation for all newly constructed buildings. The Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) software used to produce this documentation is then used to create the EPC, which is required prior to the building being occupied.

NDEA Training Level 3

Non-Domestic Energy Assessment – Level 3 (NDEA)

Stroma Certification offers the Level 3 Certificate through ABBE. For the qualification candidates attend a 4-day training course where they are taught the practical skills of building surveying and data entry into the approved government software.

A level 3 NDEA can model simple heating, cooling and ventilation systems within existing buildings.


After completing the training, candidates are asked to produce a portfolio of three EPCs and supporting documentation to demonstrate their ability to carry out non-domestic energy assessments. A registration fee to ABBE is applicable.

Training Fees

Course Duration Training Fee Software
NDEA Level 3 4 Days £1,450 Free
Level 3 NDEA Certification

NDEA Training Level 4

Non-Domestic Energy Assessment - Level 4 (NDEA)

For candidates who wish to assess and produce EPCs for buildings containing more complex heating, cooling and ventilation installations in both existing and newly constructed buildings Stroma Certification offers the certificate in NDEA Level 4. The syllabus is offered as a 3 day (top-up) course which builds on the knowledge acquired for the Level 3 Certificate.


Similar to the Level 3 Certificate the candidates will become qualified once they have passed the multiple choice exam and produced the Portfolio of 3 EPCs.

Training Fees

Course Duration Training Fee
NDEA Level 4 – (top up from level 3) 3 Days £975
NDEA Level 4 – (top up from level 3 incl DEC) 5 Days £1,450

Level 4 NDEA Certification

Scottish Non-Domestic EPCs

All certified NDEAs may gain the ability to lodge Scottish EPCs, by carrying out some free simple CPD. Stroma Certification is an approved protocol organisation in Scotland, offering a step-by-step route to certification which includes a free of charge introductory module on Scottish Building Regulations.

For details on becoming a Stroma Certified member in NDEA, please click here